This or That: Mask Edition

Happy Sunday everyone! This week, I’m starting something new. I’m starting a series called “This or That” where I will review two items of the same category and decide which one I like best. To start the series off, I will be reviewing masks! Eye masks, sheet masks, hair masks, and mud/clay masks. It’s always a good time for self-care, so I was excited to try all these masks and share them with you all. Side note: ALL of these masks are sold at Target, in case you want to try them out yourselves I’ve provided the links below! (I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.)

Eye Masks

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  1. Sephora – Pomegranate: The perks of this eye mask is that it is anti-fatigue and anti-dark circles. (Which I know I need A LOT of help with!) When putting them on, it was a little confusing because they are attached and I wasn’t sure which part to peel off. But there is a gritty layer and a slimy layer, the slimy side is what goes onto to your under eyes. Once I put them on, they felt SO good. They were very refreshing and cold and continued to get colder as I kept them on. I bought this one at Target, but for some reason I couldn’t find it anywhere on their website so I linked it to Sephora where you can also buy it.
  2. Pacifica – Leave Pretty: This eye mask focuses on puffy under eyes and dark circles. You probably guessed it by the title, but the eye masks look like little leaves! So cute! The leaf masks were also cool and refreshing like the other mask, but smelled more clean and natural. Another plus was that each leaf was separate in its own compartment so there was no confusion. The packaging listed the main ingredients (blue tansy, linden leaf, and kelp) and the benefits of each. The blue tansy soothes the skin, the linden leaf moisturizes the skin, and the kelp extract is high in iodine, minerals, and antioxidants. Between the two eye masks, I would have to pick this one as my favorite because of how easy the application is, how it smells, and of course the cute little leaves!
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Mud/Clay Masks

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  1. Yes To – Grapefruit: This mask is a brightening mud mask and it is geared towards dull and uneven skin. The first thing I noticed when opening the package, was the sweet smell. Although it’s grapefruit, it smelled like bubble gum or candy. The consistency of the mask is very thick, which I like because if it’s runny it makes it hard to put on. But because it was thick, the mask stayed on well. The main ingredients in this face mask is grapefruit, vitamin C, and pink kaolin clay. The grapefruit contains a bunch of antioxidants, the vitamin C brightens the skin, and the pink kaolin clay exfoliates and cleanses the skin.
  2. Pacifica – Cosmic Clay: Right off the bat, I love the shape and the fact that it has a twist cap. Because it says the pouch contains 3-4 uses, it’s nice to have a cap on it so you can close it and save it for later. This mask is meant to balance your skin and provide a deep cleanse. The main ingredients in the clay is hemp and orange oil, but it doesn’t go into too much detail on what they do. When applying the mask, again, it’s thick and easy to spread. At first there wasn’t much of a smell, but once it was on my face I was able to pick up on the light and fresh scent. The mask tingled a little and tightened as the clay dried. If I had to pick my favorite between these two, I would pick this one as the winner. I liked the subtle, clean smell and the twist cap was a HUGE plus. Also a side note: I mentioned that clay/mud masks are such a hassle to remove, but I took this one off when I was in the shower and it was SO much easier!
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Hair Masks

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  1. Hi Pro Pac – Moroccan Mend Argan Oil: Now this one. This one smelled absolutely amazing!! And I bet there was a hint of vanilla in there which would explain why I like it so much. This mask is meant to treat dry or brittle hair, replenish moisture, and revive lifeless strands. It contains argan oil, which does all the regenerating and hydrating, and amino acids, which moisturizes your hair and gives it that sheen look. The consistency is pretty much the same as a conditioner, thick but still silky smooth. This mask did wonders for my hair. Not only did it make my hair more soft and healthy, but it brought out my natural curls!! Usually when I air dry, my curls are frizzy and all out of whack with strands going every which way. But my curls were beautifully controlled. It almost looked like I went over them with a curling iron!
  2. Brite – No Yellow Hair Mask: Again we have another twist cap, which I love. It makes it so easy to keep for later uses. Just a warning, this hair mask is only for those who are blonde or have highlights or balayage. Although I am brunette, I have balayage so I have blonde throughout my hair. The mask is a fun, bright purple and it doesn’t have much of a smell. Some purple shampoos smell like straight chemicals, but that’s not the case with this mask. After washing it out, I could already tell how silky smooth my hair was! Between these two hair masks, I would have to go with the Hi Pro Pac one as my favorite. Although I love a good twist cap, I really enjoyed how this mask affected my curls. And the smell was amazing too. (I even had a good amount left over and stuck it in a ziplock bag to keep for later).
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Sheet Masks

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  1. Sephora – Lychee Face Mask: Sometimes I get a little grossed out with sheet masks just because they are so slimy and you have to unravel them while the slime gets all over your fingers, but the aftermath is always worth it. The scent was pretty strong and I can’t say I’ve ever smelled a lychee before. The pros of this face mask is that it focuses on moisturizing your skin and making your face glow. This sheet mask is very refreshing and you only have to keep it on for 5 minutes!
  2. The Créme Shop – Watermelon & Kombucha: The packaging of this sheet mask had A LOT of good info. It mentions the main ingredients (watermelon and kombucha) and listed all the benefits they provide your skin. The watermelon hydrates, controls oil with vitamin A, and tones and refreshes. The kombucha detoxifies and brightens, improves skin elasticity, and decreases signs of aging. It was very cooling and even tingled a little, which means it’s doing its thing! The mask smelled exactly like watermelon to me, but it wasn’t too strong either. It was fresh and natural. Between the Sephora mask and the Créme Shop mask, this one was my favorite. Although you had to leave it on for 5 mins longer, the won me over. When something is this close to your face and nose, I’d prefer a more natural smell than a stronger one.
Click on picture for the link! (Again, I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.)

Well that wraps up the mask edition of “This or That”! Comment below if you have tried one of these masks yourself and what you thought about them. Or let me know if there are other masks out there that are a must try!! Just a reminder that I found all of these at Target, but a few of them I couldn’t find in the online store to link (both Sephora ones, Hi Pro Pac, and The Créme shop), so I linked the website for that brand. Just click on the picture to be sent to said websites to check them out for yourself. Go get yourself a face mask (or multiple because you can never have to many) and give yourself a self-care day!!



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