Knowing Your Love Language

Happy Valentines Day y’all!! What better way to get in the lovey-dovey spirit than to talk about love languages?! I always find these interesting and fun to learn about. They are also so important to know about yourself! Whether you’re giving love or receiving it, love languages are not only critical in romantic relationships, but they can be helpful in friendships as well. Everyone has a preference on how they like to be loved and it’s important to acknowledge that people prefer to receive it differently. So first things first, take this quiz to find out what YOUR love language is: then come back here so we can talk about what you got!

Words of Affirmation – This love language involves using your words to reassure someone else. Sometimes it’s nice to hear positive affirmations to maintain confidence in your relationship. Some examples of this would be: “I appreciate you”, “you’re important to me”, or just a simple “I love you”. Another good example of this is to write a meaningful letter. Overall, this love language focuses on positive words.

Receiving Gifts – I feel like this love language gets kind of a bad rep because people may view it as someone being materialistic. But that’s not the case. Gifts make people feel good because it’s a physical token of appreciation and love. It’s a reminder that your significant other saw something at some point in their day and thought “oh he/she would really like this”.

Acts of Service – A common saying that aligns with acts of service is, “actions speak louder than words”. This form of love is shown through doing things for your partner. Whether it’s taking out the trash or making them dinner. It’s the act of taking care of certain things when your significant other may be busy or overwhelmed. It resonates even more when act of service is something they may not enjoy doing.

Physical Touch – This love language is pretty self explanatory as it’s all about the hugs and kisses and everything in between.

Quality Time – This love language is not only about spending time with your partner but giving them your undivided attention. Although life can be quite busy sometimes, it is important to make quality time between you and your partner without any distractions.

If you’re curious as to what my love language is, it’s acts of service. It really means a lot to me when Nick does something for me without asking him to do so. Especially when I have a lot on my plate or I’m stressed out. On the other hand, Nick’s love language is physical touch. So even though this one is lower on my personal love language totem pole, I have to work hard to show physical touch since that’s how Nick prefers to receive love. It’s nice to know how we operate so we can appreciate one another in the best way possible in order for our relationship to thrive. Overall, I hope y’all had fun learning about your love language and what each love language looks like. Maybe it’ll make your Valentines Day a little more special.



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