Overly Overwhelmed

HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE!! Today I just wanted to check in and chat. Have you been overwhelmed lately? Yeah me too. Talk about anxiety through the roof! For me, this past week was a lot to handle. It seemed like my mental to-do list was 10 pages long and all my thoughts were swirling around my head. “I need to do this, but first I have to finish this, and I should do this that effects me in a few months…”. And so on. Why do I do this to myself when I know it will just stress me out even more?! Our brains can be cruel to us sometimes, so it’s important take notice and take action when they are. That being said, here are some tips for when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

  1. Make a list of the things you need to do. Whenever my brain is packed full of thoughts and reminders, I love putting them down on paper. This helps me comprehend/visualize everything on my plate. Plus, doesn’t it feel amazing to cross things off?! It always makes me feel so productive. When doing this, I always put the easy tasks first which keeps me motivated to do more.
  2. Reframe your thoughts. If I feel like I have too much going on, I start to worry about things that don’t matter right now or things I can’t control. Which makes me even more stressed! This week I was already overwhelmed with everything I had to do, and then I started worrying about internship stuff that is a whole 6 MONTHS AWAY. To keep this from happening I need to reel myself back to the present. I just need to focus on what I have to get done today and go from there.
  3. Don’t compare!! I know this one is tough. It’s so hard not to compare yourself to others when they seem to have everything figured out. Well guess what? No one’s life is perfect and has everything completely figured out. We all have different paths, and your path is not less than!
  4. Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness means that you bring awareness and consciousness to something. This form of meditation can be a great exercise to do when you’re feeling really anxious and overwhelmed. Speaking of, I linked a 1-minute mindfulness exercise for you to try! And don’t make an excuse to do not do it, it’s only 1 minute.

So watch this video, take a breather, get your thoughts in order, and remember that we ALL have different, but purposeful paths. Now go enjoy the rest of your Sunday!



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