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HAPPY SUNDAY! First and foremost, I need to address that I totally missed writing a post last week. School and life in general has been pretty busy. This month especially has been extra crazy. I honestly believe my professors got together and planned for midterms and projects to be due back to back to BACK. Thankfully March is almost over and I’m finally getting a hang of things. Side note: my parents are coming to visit the first weekend of April, so it’s helped to look forward to that! Anyways, this week I am doing a journal review. All of you know I loveee me some journaling. I recently got 3 new ones so I thought I would try them out and tell you what I think!

Self Care Planner – Shop Lovet Agency : The first journal I’m going to review is the self care planner. I’ve gotten so many ads for this and have been eyeing it for a few weeks now, so I decided to pull the trigger and buy it. It’s made in the U.S. and comes from Shop Lovet Agency, which is a female owned business. The first page contains a quote saying, “I am worthy” and the second holds a section where you write a love letter to yourself. Then there are pages all about self-care goals and self-care ideas. Once you complete that, the planner has a number of exercises to do every month for a whole year!! These exercises pertaining to stuff like gratitude, self-compliments, reflections and much more. I’m so excited to use this and I’m glad to know that it will last for a year.

Guided Journal – Lady Jayne Ltd. : My friend Joy got me this journal for my birthday. I can’t wait to use it because you’re supposed to use it in the AM and the PM because it contains morning and night reflections. This guided journal is filled with different prompts, spaces to draw your experiences, and a good habits tracker. Plus it has 130 pages, so this one will also last me a while. I will definitely be incorporating this into my morning and night routine! The exact journal I have isn’t available on the website, BUT there is a guided journal for self care and it looks pretty awesome.

Today I Affirm – Alexandra Elle : This last one was also given to me by Joy, so shoutout to her! This journal has 159 pages and is chalk full of affirmation activities/prompts. The first 56 pages contain journal entry prompts and they are ALL different. I sometimes get tired of journaling when I have to do the same thing over and over, but that will not be the case with this one! Then from pages 58 to 112 are affirmation charts. All these t-charts administer a different prompt and you just fill in accordingly. For example, ones says “in order to ____ I must ____”. So under the “in order to” column I could put: earn my graduate degree and under the “I must” column I would put: work hard in all my classes. Together that reads , “In order to earn my graduate degree, I must work hard in all my classes. The last section is all about self-love letters. For example, one says “Dear self, you are…(then you write to yourself). Love, self”. Overall this journal will be great for building confidence and reassurance! Plus it’s on sale for $18.39!!

As I mentioned before, I am obsessed with these kinds of journals. They are a great outlet to use, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or unsure. It’s also a great idea to get check in with yourself and figure out what your mind and your body need! I’ve included the links to these journals, so make sure to get one if you’re interested. Happy journaling!!



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  1. When life seems so busy, take a deep breath and remember how blessed you are. God has allowed you to be right gut where you are for a reason. Only trust Him and enjoy this beautiful busy time.

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