Adventure Time: Roosevelt Island

Happy Sunday to all and to all a happy Sunday! Today’s post is more of a chill, laid-back kinda post. All I’m going to talk about is what Nick and I did yesterday. Since we are still new to the DC area, we are ALL about exploring and trying out new things. So, as you can see from the title, we ventured over to Theodore Roosevelt Island! For those that don’t know, Theodore Roosevelt Island is a national memorial located on the Potomac River in Washington, D.C. On the island, there’s a plaza where a huge Theodore Roosevelt statue stands and there’s a 1.8 mile trail with plenty of sights along the way.

If you’re curious, here’s a cute map of the whole island and the terrain it entails:

Theodore Roosevelt Island — Molly Fehr

As you can see from the map, the first thing Nick and I saw was the memorial plaza. In the plaza, there’s the huge 17 ft statue of the former president, giant plaques with messages on them, and two large bridges. After roaming around the plaza, we headed into the woods (on the left). And of course I decided to wear my white tennis shoes and stepped in mud. The more we went along the trail, the more Nick wished he had brought his fishing pole. There were a handful of people fishing and Nick waited to see if they would catch anything. One of my favorite parts of the trail was the yellow flowers naturally sprinkled throughout the trail. I even had a mini photoshoot laying in the flowers. (Nick was super proud of that idea as it was his.)

For the last leg of the trail, we were in the “swamp”. In the swamp, we walked down this longgggg wooden bridge and gazed at the muddy, tree-covered scenery. We were both sad getting towards the end of the trail because it was such a peaceful hike. Once we got back to the car, we took a little trip into DC to the Georgetown Waterfront (which we saw from the island) for some lunch at Sweetgreen – a popular salad place in the are. Overall today was so much fun and I highly recommend going to Roosevelt Island if you live in the area, or are looking for a place to go while visiting our nationals capital. Even if you don’t live here, just go on a hike somewhere near you! I’ve been cooped up in our apartment doing homework non-stop so getting out in nature did a lot of good for my mental health. Anyways, happy hiking!



P.S. Here are more pictures from our adventure:)


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