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Hello everyone and happy Sunday! I hope you have all had a calm and steady week. For this weeks post I wanted to do something fun that I haven’t done in a LONG time. Painting! I truly love painting or anything that has to do with crafting/art. However, I haven’t actually painted in a while even though I really enjoy it. Luckily I got a ton of canvases for Christmas so there are no excuses now.

The paint a quote challenge is an idea I stumbled upon when I was trying to figure out what to paint. The idea is to pick a quote you really like and interpret that quote into a painting. The quote I decided to use is one by Theodore Roethke where it says, “over every mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley.” This quote really resonated with me because sometimes it is really hard to see exactly where our paths are heading or where we are destined to be when we have tall mountains to climb, but we have to trust that our paths are just on the other side of those tall mountains.

Once I found my desired quote, I went on Pinterest to find something to paint that related to the quote. After a good amount of searching, I found one that was absolutely perfect! It was a mid-century esc picture that had a valley, mountains, and a shining sun just over the mountains. Once I gathered all of my painting necessities, I looked for the perfect playlist to listen to while I painted. Something that was soothing, but also catchy. I ended choosing The Lumineers Radio on Spotify and it did not disappoint! Overall this process was very enjoyable and I’m so glad I did it. As I started painting, my mind was immediately at ease. Stroke by stroke, I lost myself in the music and achieved some much needed thought-free meditative-esque state. If you’re wanting to loosen up and clear your mind, this is definitely the activity for you. Now go enjoy some mindless painting! Also, if you were wondering, this is how my painting turned out!




3 thoughts on “Paint A Quote

  1. I love your painting and I really appreciate the quote you included. Throughout life there will be hills and valleys, never give up. God has miraculous surprises for us, just over the next hill. Thank you for sharing.

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