Adventure Time: Great Falls National Park

Happy Sunday guys! I’m back with another adventure time post about my trip to Great Falls National Park. Believe it or not, it’s only about 20 mins away from us here in Arlington. It’s so crazy to think a national park can be that close to the city. On the way to the park, we stopped by Jimmy Johns to get lunch to eat during our hike. Once we arrived at the park, we realized it was free entry because of National Park Week (April 17th-25th)!! Usually it’s like $25 to get in which isn’t bad, but I’m all for the free things. There’s also TONS of parking so no need to worry about that if you go.

The biggest attraction of the park is obviously the “great falls” but there are plenty of trails to hike and peaceful nature to see. We started with a search for the great falls (even though it’s not hard to find). Plus you can hear it flowing pretty much through out the whole trail. Once we got there, it was such a sight to see!! Pretty sky, crashing sounds of the water, and trees as far as the eye could see. Nick was fan-girling since he is obsessed with the sounds of water/waves. He “could listen to it all day”.

Throughout the rest of the trail we were still able to catch glimpses of the water fall while also taking in the nature surrounding us. There were tons of blooming flowers, little streams, and meticulously stacked rock barriers (pretty much what you would see scattered around Ireland). The funniest part of our trek was during lunchtime. As we were eating our Jimmy Johns at the picnic tables, a pair of vultures landed on an abandoned table with food/belongings still on it and started chomping away at the food. We were both laughing but I was also a little freaked out by their giant talons. Then one started walking over towards us with our sandwiches still in hand. Nick started throwing sticks at it to leave, but I was out of there faster than you can say vulture! After lunch we finished up our trail and then moseyed on home.

Overall, the trip to great falls was super fun and peaceful! I really enjoyed being out in nature since we are pretty much always engulfed in the city life. If you live in the area, you should definitely check it out. Especially during National Park Week because it might still be free! Also, enjoy the pictures I captured during our little adventure below!




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