Gratitude Exercise

Happy Sunday everyone and welcome back to a long overdue blog post. Oh and happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!! The other day I was searching around the Instagram explore page to find some inspiration for a blog post topic. After scrolling through countless bachelor/bachelorette posts, I stumbled upon a picture. TheContinue reading “Gratitude Exercise”

Adventure Time: Great Falls National Park

Happy Sunday guys! I’m back with another adventure time post about my trip to Great Falls National Park. Believe it or not, it’s only about 20 mins away from us here in Arlington. It’s so crazy to think a national park can be that close to the city. On the way to the park, weContinue reading “Adventure Time: Great Falls National Park”

Paint A Quote

Hello everyone and happy Sunday! I hope you have all had a calm and steady week. For this weeks post I wanted to do something fun that I haven’t done in a LONG time. Painting! I truly love painting or anything that has to do with crafting/art. However, I haven’t actually painted in a whileContinue reading “Paint A Quote”

Adventure Time: Roosevelt Island

Happy Sunday to all and to all a happy Sunday! Today’s post is more of a chill, laid-back kinda post. All I’m going to talk about is what Nick and I did yesterday. Since we are still new to the DC area, we are ALL about exploring and trying out new things. So, as youContinue reading “Adventure Time: Roosevelt Island”

Journal Review

HAPPY SUNDAY! First and foremost, I need to address that I totally missed writing a post last week. School and life in general has been pretty busy. This month especially has been extra crazy. I honestly believe my professors got together and planned for midterms and projects to be due back to back to BACK.Continue reading “Journal Review”

New Walking Challenge

Hey y’all! I hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday. Yesterday Nick and I went on a fun, little walk and I wanted to chat about it. We have a book called The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition, where we can scratch off date ideas. Once we complete the date, we snap a picture with a polaroidContinue reading “New Walking Challenge”

Overly Overwhelmed

HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE!! Today I just wanted to check in and chat. Have you been overwhelmed lately? Yeah me too. Talk about anxiety through the roof! For me, this past week was a lot to handle. It seemed like my mental to-do list was 10 pages long and all my thoughts were swirling around myContinue reading “Overly Overwhelmed”

Things That Make You Happy

Happy Sunday y’all!! I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend so far and I hope all my Texas peeps are doing okay in the aftermath of the winter storm. Obviously (by the title) I am going to talk about happiness today. Sometimes we are so consumed by the negativity and busyness of life that we forgetContinue reading “Things That Make You Happy”

Knowing Your Love Language

Happy Valentines Day y’all!! What better way to get in the lovey-dovey spirit than to talk about love languages?! I always find these interesting and fun to learn about. They are also so important to know about yourself! Whether you’re giving love or receiving it, love languages are not only critical in romantic relationships, butContinue reading “Knowing Your Love Language”

Imposter Syndrome

Happy Sunday everyone! If you’re a consistent viewer then welcome back and if you’re new, I’m so glad you’re here! This week I’m going back to my usual formatting where I chat about a topic/something I am experiencing personally. And obviously from the title, you know the topic is imposter syndrome. If you don’t knowContinue reading “Imposter Syndrome”