Imposter Syndrome

Happy Sunday everyone! If you’re a consistent viewer then welcome back and if you’re new, I’m so glad you’re here! This week I’m going back to my usual formatting where I chat about a topic/something I am experiencing personally. And obviously from the title, you know the topic is imposter syndrome. If you don’t knowContinue reading “Imposter Syndrome”

5 Senses Stimulation

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all had an enjoyable, stress free week. This week I wanted to do something that was a little fun and that everyone can do with me. So I came up with the idea for 5 senses stimulation. I always talk about doing self-care activities but what about ones thatContinue reading “5 Senses Stimulation”

This or That: Mask Edition

Happy Sunday everyone! This week, I’m starting something new. I’m starting a series called “This or That” where I will review two items of the same category and decide which one I like best. To start the series off, I will be reviewing masks! Eye masks, sheet masks, hair masks, and mud/clay masks. It’s alwaysContinue reading “This or That: Mask Edition”